Our personnel have experience from installation and maintenance of drilling equipment as:  

Pipe handling system (Starracker)Top drive, Iron Roughneck Pipe handling crane Rotary Table, Draw work, Drag chain’s Cooling Unit for VSDS Switchboard, Resistor Skid for cooling of draw work, Slurry Injection pump, HP test pump, Mud prosses system in MPA, Thruster and thruster-motors, VFD, Trafo, stand pipe, welltest equipment, Hvac system, BOP service platform, Extension of the exhaust pipe and structure, Winterization the rig for the Barents Sea, Reinforcement of hull structure, and Pennant brackets for anchor wire. We are responsible for welding documentation, create work-package, permits and SJA for jobs being performed offshore and give the onshore division a daily progress report.


DNV GL 5-year class renewal/SPS (Special periodic Survey)

About 75% of the scope has been carried out while the rig was in operation. The remaining scope was completed while the rig was at anchor. The idea of doing SPS over such a long period of time is to minimize the impact of needed downtime. No downtime was taken while in operation, we utilized existing time windows to complete the scope that could be done in operation. Putting skills of co-operation and planning to the test. But we managed on time and without any QHSE incidents.

Our key duties.

Follow class activities of drilling equipment. Top drive, drawworks, mud pumps, Hydraracker, catwalk, fingerboard etc. Discuss challenges with OEM and DNV GL as unforeseen challenges arose. Always keeping an open dialog with OEM and DNV GL was one of many keys to success.

- Organizing a day-to-day planning and executing of class related activities, includes responsibilities for personnel and equipment.

- In charge of the work involved for changing out the overboard valves. This was done while the rig was at anchor. Co-operation with divers and inspection of hull and propellers.

- Main contact point towards DNV GL offshore.

- In cooperation with the Chief Engineer, update of the maintenance system to reflect class/SPS work carried out.

- Keep track of inspection carried out on machinery that was relevant for class. Included electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, testing, NDT and load testing.

- Keep track of class relevant procurement/shipments to and from the rig. Challenging at times due to the country of operation.