Quality, Environment and HSE policy

We are focused on quality

The goal for Maritime Rig Service (MRS) is to deliver products and services within the company's focus areas that meet customers' requirements, expectations and needs in both the short and long term. The products and services must also meet requirements set by the authorities and by the company itself.Our main focus area is to be a quality supplier of qualified personnel for offshore and land-based industry.

Through quality policy, we want to convey the organization's vision and values.
MRS has established its quality system with a focus on complying with laws and regulations that apply to the business at all times. Quality and reliability should characterize our business, in terms of service delivery, people and our way of working.

 This is ensured by:

We have a policy based on the principle of continuous improvement

We are responsive to the expectations and needs of internal and external customers. We achieve "the right quality" by fulfilling these   "from the very beginning". Our customers' satisfaction is monitored regularly.

Measurements and evaluations are carried out regularly

Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015

We are focused on Environment in all processes

MRS has developed environmental procedures and routines that ensure that we at all levels in our work have an active environmental focus that helps to reduce both our own and our stakeholders' environmentalimpact.

Environmental procedures and routines ensure that:

Significant environmental aspects are mapped and criteria for environmental impact are defined, including a focus on the life cycle perspective and sustainability

The company thinks environmentally preventively in all its processes, and prioritises assessment and evaluation of environmental risks and opportunities

The company has a commitment to comply with its compliance obligations at all levels and in all processes (legal requirements, customer requirements, internal requirements etc)

The company has a system that actively contributes to the focus on continuous environmental improvement

Specific environmental goals are defined, measured and improved, thereby ensuring that the business is managed in a way that provides the most efficient use of energy and raw materials, and that systematic efforts are made to reduce emissions to air, water and soil.

Our main focus areas for environmental protection are;

- Reduce waste and increase source sorting
- Increased degree of environmentally friendly products when purchasing

- Reduce emissions

The employees are involved in the environmental work and the necessary training is provided

The company has an open, constructive, and proactive communication with subcontractors and other relevant stakeholders in relation to current environmental aspects and compliance obligations

Our company have an environmental management system according to ISO 14001: 2015.


HSE safety and well-being

In all its activities, MRS shall be in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and work systematically to meet the requirements set by the public sector and others in order to maintain a good and safe working environment.

In addition, the company must in all its activities act in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible way to prevent damage to people and the environment. Ref our ethical guidelines.

The goal is an HSE standard that gives employees the best possible physical and mental work environment.

Through systematic HSE work, we will ensure a good and safe workplace, reduce work-related sickness absence, and minimize the risk of accidents and injuries to the external environment.

MRS's HSE policy has been prepared with the participation of employees. This is done through continuous improvement work and deviation registrations, topics at meetings, as well as annual revisions of procedures, etc.

All employees must be familiar with the company's HSE policy.

Customer requirements

All our employees who are hired out to customers are subject to the customer's HSE regulations, and must receive satisfactory training in systems and routines from customer assignments.

HSE goals and priority

The overall objectives for health, environment and safety at the company are:

Our HSE routines and procedures must ensure that both employees and management work together towards our long-term goal, which is to completely avoid injuries and losses. HSE targets are zero incidents.

 Through active measures, our projects will be carried out without personal injuries with absence, no pollution of the external environment and no material damage

Our HSE procedures and routines must ensure that there is at all times a safe, positive and challenging work environment that safeguards the health and safety of all personnel.

·       Absence due to illness must be lower than the average for our industry

·       No pollution of the external environment

·       Minimize waste

·       All adverse events must be reported

Health, safety and the environment are one of our most important tools for developing a good team at the company, and it is absolutely necessary to ensure that we are in the best possible position to perform our tasks. 

Our company will have an HSE management system according to ISO 45001: 2018

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
  ISO 14001:2015 Certificate

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Quality, Environment and HSE policy